Due to siginifcant cuts in Medicare rebates over the last 5 years, Clinipath Pathology have had to introduce a fee structure for our Warfarin Care Program. Please click the link below for details

Clinipath Pathology Warfarin Care Program Billing 2016


Welcome to the Clinipath Pathology Warfarin Care Program

You can contact the Warfarin Care team on 1300 769 440 for any queries regarding your warfarin dose and next test date.

The team is available Monday to Friday 7am - 3pm and Saturdays 8am - 1pm.


Clinipath Pathology Warfarin Care patients and carers can now receive INR, dose instructions and next test date, by SMS

  • No phone queue
  • No waiting for a letter

Full terms and conditions and registration forms are available in the patient brochure below.



Receive your results via SMS

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SMS Front


Warfarin Care Patient Information

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Pt Brochure WCARE