WA Specialist Clinic

The clinic is located at the Clinipath Pathology laboratory 310 Selby Street North, Osborne Park, WA 6017

With excellent parking, a stylish reception and waiting area, the clinic provides a high level of patient service and comfort.

The clinic houses 15 infusion bays with recliner seats, privacy curtains and a nurse's station. The clinic employs 6 haematologists, 5 registered nurses and a Clinical Nurse Manager.

We have 2 phlebotomists for patients requiring the esoteric tests that cannot be performed in our Collection Centres. This service is by appointment.

WA Clinic 2.jpg
The clinic operates on a referral only basis.
Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm
Clinic reception        08 9371 4530  
Referrals booking    08 9371 4544

Email booking           clinicbookings@clinipath.net

Procedures performed in the clinic:

  • Iron and chemotherapy Infusions
  • Fine needle aspirations
  • Bone marrow biopsies 
  • Venesections
  • Mantoux skin testing
  • Synacthen testing
  • ECGs